Frequently Asked Questions

Digital practice, or telehealth, is the term used for health consultations conducted online where the health professional and client are situated in different locations. Performance Health Management provides clients with online individual health services including sport and exercise physiotherapy consultations via secure and encrypted private methods that comply with policies and regulations relating to your privacy, security and data laws. We take your privacy and safety seriously and manage all your personal data with great care.

Performance Health Management online consultancy provides you access to leaders in their field from the comfort of your location. Your clinical pathway and consultation process are conducted completely online, which includes optional face-to-face online video conference consultation. The online consultations are structured similarly to a ‘traditional’ in-clinic session. We will assess, diagnose and manage your injury, provide personal education and advise based on information provided online. You will be invited to complete a combination of relevant information such health, injury and personal details, relevant outcome measures, physical tests, medical history prior to and during the consultation. Clients and health practitioners also consult us for independent advice and for support leading into a special sporting event or throughout the season.

The evidence favours exercise rehabilitation, personal load management and athlete monitoring strategies in restoring, improving and maintaining sport and exercise health. These are key components that professional athletes use for successful return to sport, prevention and performance health. The sole use of passive modalities in contemporary high-performance sport practice is less commonly indicated. If it is required in your personal management plan, we will work with you to facilitate this service. If you are looking for hands-on physiotherapy only then please refer to the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Find a physio service or the official physiotherapy board in your country.

We work with active people serious about their health and performance. We manage acute, longstanding, pre-operative, post-operative and recurring injuries of the lower limbs particularly those affecting the groin, hip and hamstring regions in football players, athletes and physically active people. We also support clients with preseason and in-season health evaluations, monitoring and exercise programs.

You can expect a diagnosis, report and personal digital rehabilitation program. Depending on the service package you select you may also receive return to sport and tertiary prevention plans and programs.

Performance Health Management delivers your personal rehabilitation plans and exercise programs using high quality technology direct to your mobile phone or other electronic device for your convenience. Your progress will be closely monitored, using evidence-based and personalised strategies to reduce the risk of subsequent or recurring injury, to keep you healthy and performing.

We offer a selection of value centred packages recognising that everyone’s performance health requirements are specific. Once you click the ‘start consultation button’ and complete the screening section of the client initial assessment form you will be asked for payment of your chosen package. During the optional initial online video consultation as part of your package you can discuss the best options available to your situation.

Some private health insurers cover digital practice telehealth. Please check with your fund to learn how it might apply for you.